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Impulse Mod Menu GTA 5 (FREE)


Impulse essential mod menu for GTA V


Are you looking for ways to use cheats safely in GTA 5? Then perfect! Impulse mod menu is a fantastic free tool that you can use. So if you want to know more about this tool, read on.

Features of Impulse mod menu

Impulse mod menu has many fantastic features. It’s easy to use, and in a few clicks, it performs the ‘injection.’ The program is compatible on both windows and windows mobile, and the latest version is Impulse mod menu 3.6. Here are some of its excellent features.

Apart from that, Impulse mod menu allows you to execute many libraries with one process. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Add dll’ option. After that, select all the files you need. Once you select them, it gets added to the window. After that, to make an injection select the hacked game. You can mark the process of your choice and use the ‘select’ key. After that, press the ‘inject’ button, and that’s it!

The updated version supported by Windows 64-bit is a lifesaver for many gamers. It even has the option for ‘quite mode’ injection. Also, the file size of the program is small at just over 319 KB!

How to install Impulse mod menu?

The download and installation process of Impulse mod menu is simple.

Some things to know about Impulse mod menu

While Impulse mod menu has many fantastic features, it’s worth mentioning that there are few things you should know. To use the program, you need to have NET Framework 4.0 component on your PC. It’s also essential to run the program on administrator mode if you want it to function correctly. How to fix Impulse mod menu errors? Impulse mod menu has some fantastic features. However, like most other cheat injector programs, it also has some problems. It’s pretty common to face errors while using Impulse mod menu and these errors are caused by things like;

But don’t worry. There are ways to resolve these problems. Typically, the applicable EXE file is replaced by professionals. Once it’s replaced, they run the registry scan to remove any invalid Impulse mod menu on the PC. The scan also removes any infected files. There’s another way to fix errors while using Impulse mod menu. You can follow these steps. Re-download the latest version of the program Update your Windows Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable x64 and install it Install DirectX 11